A description of therapy treatments and prices is listed below.  However, I am happy to customise treatments to suit the requirements of each individual.  Many of my clients have a half and half treatment.  For example, half an hour back massage and half an hour Reflexology and half an hour head, neck, shoulders aromatherapy massage.







Swedish Massage:
Our deeply relaxing Swedish massage is designed to relieve stress and tension, leaving you feeling revived and renewed. Sweet Almond or Grapeseed oil is used to intensely nourish  your skin whilst your therapist adapts the massage pressure and technique to suit your preference and needs.

So close your eyes and allow yourself to feel indulged.

Full Body £45.00 (90mins)
Back, Neck & Shoulders £30.00 (40mins)
Back, Neck & Shoulders (seated) £20.00 (30mins)
Mini Facial, Chest, Shoulders £25.00 (30mins)
Legs £15.00 (20mins)

This deeply relaxing massage treatment eases muscle tension, stimulates circulation, lymphatic flow & soothes away stress. The finest quality pure essential oils are custom-blended to take care of each individual’s physical and emotional conditions. You leave feeling refreshed & revitalised.

I also offer an aromatherapy consultation (without the massage) for those who wish to use essential oils at home for specific physical/emotional conditions – see details below
Full Body* £54.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders £40.00
Mini Facial, Decolletage, Shoulders £30.00

*does not include face















Reflexology works through massage and gentle pressure to parts of the feet or hands which correspond to different areas of the body.

It is deeply relaxing and therapeutic, it can encourage the healing of the mind and body, restoring the natural equilibrium
1st Treatment £45.00 (90mins)
2nd Treatment £35.00 (75mins)
3x Treatments* £95.00
*An introductory offer, saving £20: all 3 treatments must be for one client within an 8wk period

Indian Head Massage:
This ancient art of massage aids the relief of chronic neck and shoulder stiffness, eye strain and headaches; it helps with mental tiredness and improves circulation

This treatment is available to corporations (on site) too – as it does not require the client to remove any clothing.
with oils £35.00 (20mins)
without £30.00 (20mins)















Bamboo* Massage:
Full Body – £60.00
*Deep tissue




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CANCELLATIONS: If cancellation happens at time of appointment the full price of the treatment will be charged.

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